Call For Max Aarons to join Jamaica Movement

In 1990 my dad predicted that an African nation would win the World Cup within 10 years. Sitting there in my Ackee tree listening, I believed him - so much that I started to search for popular African footballer nicknames at the time to use: Amokachi, Makanaky, Biyik. He was right too, Africans did win, but the team was called France 1998.

Come on Max, c'mon down. Although my ackee tree chop down now, I traded it in for a plastic chair on Ocho Rios beach front. Rolando, talk to him nuh? Tell him fi join up with the Reggae boys and be a part of the evolution that is international Jamaican football presence!

Looks like he's going to make the move to the Hammers too.

Make a change and help stimulate and promote the heights of Jamaica.


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