JFF TV Channel

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) is set to launch its own digital television channel - JFF LIVE - which will be available to football fans islandwide.

A memorandum of under-standing (MOU) was signed on Wednesday, with pay-TV operator and channel developer, ReadyTV, under which details for the development, management, and distribution of the channel will be worked through.

Newly elected JFF President Michael Ricketts upon signing the MOU, spoke enthusiastically about this groundbreaking project so early in his tenure.

"As the governing body for football in Jamaica, we must be willing to explore creative solutions for the challenges we face. JFF LIVE is an innovation, which alongside other platforms will keep football fans fully up-to-date and engaged in what's happening with the JFF and Jamaican football, and, of course, will provide extra benefits to our valued sponsors and business partners. We also expect our JFF LIVE channel to become a valuable revenue earner in the future, which is important to the development programmes we intend to pursue."


Co-CEO of ReadyTV Chris Dehring looks forward to the collaboration with the JFF.

"We all understand how important football is to Jamaicans, and ReadyTV stands ready to do our part to work with the JFF to showcase Jamaican football in new and exciting ways."

The channel is expected to be launched by December 2017 and is an integral element of the New 'JFF Live Digital Platform', launched on October 13, 2017 by the JFF.
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