Stephenson likely to seek re-election as KSAFA president

Ambassador Stewart Stephenson says it is his intention to seek another term as president of the Kingston & St Andrew Football Association.

Stephenson, who was elected in August 2014, had said during that campaign build-up that he would only serve one term. But it appears that his position has changed.

"So far, that's my intention [to run again], but you never know. I have some personal challenges so I need to address those before I take a position," he told OBSERVER ONLINE.

Stephenson said the selling of KSAFA's current property that houses their offices, and putting in a sustainable infrastructure for clubs are two objectives yet to be completed.

He said those are the primary reasons he is likely to run for another term.

"I would like to complete those before I step aside," he said.

According to a new directive from the Jamaica Football Federation, all parish and association elections are due by March 2016.


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