My All Time Legend List.

There are so many I respect, but the decision is easy.

 I'm sure most people will know who my Legend is and will always be, because i watched his football etiquette and learned mental strength; technical ability; and how to slap players without the ref seeing (and yes I've gotten many slaps) from him. Not to mention his achievements are in the top 3 of football achievers in St. Ann, you would not believe how many medals this man has collected. 

Whether it was during his Vere(champions), JDF(champions), Los Perfectos, Chelsea Utd, Windsor Utd, Black Stars, JPS business house, Watford (Yes youth trainee with John Barnes), jamaica, and host of other accolades! 

He's been around the block of football, and at the moment I think maybe only Everton "Addi ants" Palmer can rival him with medals and experience.

He was strict about his football, and strict about the diligence of training, if you played serious game then you can be on his team. 

I remember an overseas team of pure white guys asked for a practice match with Windsor, and I was brought along as a 15 year old to learn, but he had more plans for me and thrusted me as a forward in that friendly. I was on cloud 9.

So while I respect players like Fisher from ghetto, Ruler, the Luggs, and the greatest general ever on any Volvo team, my general is the most powerful and precise kicker of the ball in St. Ann History.

Second on my Legend List would be Fabel Mckoy, I would've gone anywhere in the world and play with him on my team.


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