Really, selfies?

Seriously, you focused way too much on the wrong kind of prestige. A selfie, and you just lost the entire game; dropped out of the competition, and your aim is to take a selfie?


We need a ruthless backroom staff, and not one who will giggle with these immature kids who call themselves national team players.

If you ask what's wrong with selfies, you're adding to the mix by missing the point.

Hang on this is historic, let me take a selfie with this forum while I submit this comment.


  • My point:

    Good game. shake hands, Go acknowledge the fans who is screaming for you even though they've lost all hope of winning the competition. Go over to them and thank them - your opponent is in a whole different set of emotions, because they won.... how are you putting a selfie over the country's fans?

    I remember as a teen playing against boyhood heroes like Juggla from Duhaney Park, Blacka Boyd during the XLCR days; even Hector Wright, Hagler Wilson; Tegat Davis and the special power kicker from the JDF. I shook their hands when it was over and though I was filled with emotions, i contained myself and showed them respect and professionalism.

    Skip forward decades and I'm standing on the Drax hall field looking at heroes of old and new again, though the same emotions were over me, i contained myself and had a chat with them to let them know my respect hasn't died, and because of that I stood strong and gave them a firm handshake and some a hug then I go home still trying to figure out how i'm going to defeat them the next game.

    I don't know the stipulation and regulations about fines within the JFF, but.... boy o boy...
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