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Getting Registered

To view the forum you need to register. We continuously tweak out security measures in order to cut down on cyber bullying and aggressive posts. The idea is that the forum will be a friendly environment and that posts will be useful as well as entertaining to newcomers.

You can register yourself by going to the forum board and clicking the “register” at the top right.

General Posting Rules

1) The forum is about Football in jamaica, and it should be kept as such. Try to adhere by these rules as not doing so is the quickest way to get your account banned.

2) Keep your comments clean. A myriad of persons will be viewing your comment and we want to make sure that it all eyes can view and admire your comment. We do have private free for all forums where any ideas regarding football can be expressed without holding back. However those private and invisible forums are also paid forums.

3) You are welcome to speak about International Jamaican players, and compare local players to International players from all other countries, however respect that this is a forum about jamaican footballers and not necessarily a platform to discuss all football players.

4) This site utilize some ads in order to keep the forums up and running so ocassional you may see a few ads; if they peak your interests it would be appreciated if you click on them to view more.

5) If you are experiencing any issues with the forum, there will be a moderator to help, or ultimately you can email info[at] where a moderator will respond to your queries.

6) There are a number of rankings and you get a new ranking based on the amount of posts you've made. The rankings are by no means there to offend, it is simply a fun way to gauge who is more interactive in discussions.

7) We are Jamaicans, and yes we are saucy and feisty, but there's no need to prove that in a forum of love and respectful discussions.

8) You agree not to spam the forums. (Contentless posts, repeated posts, off topic posts)
IE: when you post: think: "what will this post bring to the conversation".

9) Posts only designed to antagonize or otherwise escalate touchy situation are generally considered spam. Try to be civil about your grievances
Always use [nsfw] tags for anything that is remotely NSFW. (When in doubt, just do it anyways.)

10) No pornography.

11) Adult(ish) Images that don't quite constitute porn AND contribute something to the discussion are allowed provided they are also allowed by that subforum.

12) No derogatory, racist, or homophobic remarks. Again this is a forum about Football in Jamaica. Not a platform to air your grievances

13) Do not post anything that is illegal to upload in your area or is illegal to host.

14) We are here to have fun, if you are not having fun, maybe it would be best for you to take a break and return when in a better mood to have fun.

15) If you consistently cause drama, we may ask (aka ban) that you take a break, and may also require that you abandon your old identity should we allow you to come back.

16) Please be respectful of other users. You can disagree with someone without being a hostile germs.

17) Abuse of any site function with the goal of disrupting the site or others' access to or enjoyment of will not be tolerated.

Thank You For respecting these guidelines.
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