John Barnes 1989/90

John Barnes did a football clinic back in the days where he toured the island and did some wonderful things for kids who were interested to learn the game, or just some who had skills but wasn't yet fine tuned, or needed a word of encouragement.

That was a fantastic thing to do, really fantastic in my opinion, and as someone who would've done anything at the time to meet JB, i felt special when I got let on the Chukka Cove field to be a part of the clinic.

Why aren't we pushing and favouring that across the island in order to enlarge the sports section in the papers and take over the real estate back from all the stories of violence?

I would love to see a few of them big sports personalities finally come to their senses and realize gaining money and riches is not the end, but the beginning of what you can then teach those coming up after you.

Let's get back out there and teach, and help.

Thanks JB, for what you did back then, it was an inspiration.
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