Post Your Football Match Pictures

Since we are undergoing a pandemic, we have to all be creative. I see artiste a show backyard games with his son, I see mother's showing what can happening in their living room. Quite hilarious some of them.

However, we should do something different. We've all been to a game, and some of us are smart enough to take a few pics as memorabilia. Let's do it then!

Post your football pics; if you were there, then post it, if you enjoyed listening to a match on the radio back in, 1900, talk about it, and produce pics you have it - yes, i'm sure pictures were around that time.

Anything, everything football, you have a jersey, let's see it; you have a kit, let's see it; you have a pair of boots, dutty or clean, mek we seeit...!

You have a football, show it?

It nuh real if we no seeit!


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