St. Ann Football Legends.

I am in the process of creating a St. Ann Legends of Football page on a soon to be launched sports site for St. Ann only. What I'm looking to do is have a full profile pic of that player, and various other statistical information, including past teams, achievements,  and a bio about them.

What i'm looking for now are input in terms of who to list on that legends page. I will probably have a series of polls in order to fine tune the selections, however there are some basic rules that is in place in order to be considered a legend.

In terms of an example, and if you are a true St. Ann man, it's easy to see how someone like Richie Poo Tulloch would be a good choice to be a part of that list.

It's not difficult to conjure up the newer players from the mid 80's upwards, but i'm really focusing on making sure I get the players from the 1970's too. Think Ambassadors All Star,  Reynolds team, Top Stars etc.  So basically, i'm going to have to consult my idols, about their idols  and come on down from there.  Bascoe, Dove, Georgie and dem man deh.

Yes, I have started compiling the list, but it is of the USUAL SUSPECTS - people who we already KNOW will make the legends list. No Toto you nuh deh pon it.... yet!

If you can think of legendary players who would deserve to be on this list, do share your thoughts and let us know their name, and why. It would be good to know about their teams too and any significant moment you can remember about them.  Their specialty and position would be great too. 
An example would be
- Name, Nickname
- Time period played
- teams you remember them playing for
- Primary position played
- Why you feel they should be considered

Obviously, you want folks who have played in the parish league, or represented the parish a minimum of 3 years, so while people like Byron Earle is my hero, and hero to many folks out of the Arnett Gardens team, he only spent a short time with Black Stars, so therefore is not viable for nomination.

This is a much bigger project than the above, because there's lots more data that will be involved.

You might also wonder why I want to do this, and why i've been pushing for a database of players surfacing from my Parish, it's because, like my uncle Nigel, aka Shingo mesh, it's purely for the love of a game that enriched my life.

Forward the link to who you feel haven't see it yet, because this is just the warm up, side nuh pick, and game nuh start play yet!

I'll post some screenshots of the design as it progress.

Let's start there.


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